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Hérodote / Chronologie  
Academic Corner - History Timelines
Broken down by era, from the Age of Absolutism to the Russian Revolution.
African Timelines
BCE to present
Africa South of the Sahara Chronology
Ancient Roman History Timeline
Historical content and chronological index of links to sites on Ancient Rome. Emphasis is placed upon the use of primary sources and new perspectives upon the roles of women.
Art History
Images and links to non-Western art before 1900.
Biblical Timeline of the 7,000 Years of Measured Time
Literal, Biblical plotting of the history of measured time, as well as a prophetic projection.
Byzantium : Timeline
Buddhims Chronology
Central and South America Chronology
China and East Asia Chronology
Christianity Chronology
Christy's Garden of History
Collection of timelines, with information on the rulers of the Holy Roman Empire, England, France, Scotland and more.
Chronologie de l'histoire de France
Préhistoire et Antiquité.
Chronologie de la Libération
Chronology of Christianity
From 1 AD to present.
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